Beauty Balance Sheet

My beauty cabinet inventory

Calendar Day 17 & 18

Oh, only one week of calendar goodies left… Cannot believe how fast December has passed! Taking the most of the time left, the weekend set revealed two useful products from brands that I really like. Cool!  Continue reading “Calendar Day 17 & 18”


Calendar Day 15 & 16

Makeup is back on the agenda with a lip gloss from Rosie for Autograph, and a cult product for hair, also featured last year, the Elasticizer. At last, I can report back on initial thoughts because I have tried and tested both. Continue reading “Calendar Day 15 & 16”

Calendar Day 13 & 14

I feel like I’m flying through the calendar adding items to inventory without really looking into them or having time to try them out. Apologies if you feel the same – I am introducing one new product at a time because my skin does not always like everything. Next up in my testing wait list – an eye cream and a facial oil. Continue reading “Calendar Day 13 & 14”

Calendar Day 11 & 12

Really happy with the Beauty Calendar crop this time – a cult product by Emma Hardie and a brush in a handy size. Both of which I am yet to try out. Continue reading “Calendar Day 11 & 12”

Calendar Day 9 & 10

I’ll be honest with you – after receiving nail polishes in two consecutive days that initially looked like almost the same hue of cranberry, my reaction was a ‘blah’. Now the good news: they are very different colours indeed. Continue reading “Calendar Day 9 & 10”

Calendar Day 7 & 8

Now we’re talking! Liquid Gold is actually one of the reasons I decided to go with the M&S calendar since, you know, it’s le-gen-da-ry. A lovely surprise to get it out in the open this early – for some reason I expected it to be showing up closer to Christmas. Continue reading “Calendar Day 7 & 8”

Calendar Day 5 & 6

Looks like I’ve lost track of which product was hiding behind which calendar door – that’s what happens when you don’t get them typed in on time. But nevermind little confusion – presenting today a  well-appreciated hair oil and another makeup item, liquid eyeliner.  Continue reading “Calendar Day 5 & 6”

Calendar Day 3 & 4

Here are the next two goodies from the calendar – a repeat act from last year and a makeup product. Not extremely exciting, but who am I to say no to a well-regarded wrinkle cream?  Continue reading “Calendar Day 3 & 4”

Calendar Day 1 & 2

Out of the lot of three here at home, I was probably the most excited about the 1st of December approaching – and mind you, one of us is a 9-year-old. But I had been waiting for-e-ver (meaning two weeks) to start opening up my M&S Beauty Calendar.  Continue reading “Calendar Day 1 & 2”

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