Earlier in December, another parcel arrived on my doorstep named My Little Christmas Box. It wasn’t as exciting beauty-wise, but it was full of cuteness. 

This time, the box was filled with edibles (salted caramel spread, Kusmi Tsarevna tea and, of course, the candy cane on the box), goodies (gingerbread candle and a bracelet) and three beauty items. I’m such a sucker for Kusmi teas so it single-handedly made my day. If you must know, I am actually drinking it right now while typing the post. Although it did get cold since I forgot about it while writing the previous post. Oh, well…

So to the beauty stuff.

My Little Beauty Duo Smoky Eyes in Christmas Melody features lavender and plum eyeshadows. I already have a similar set that I do not use at all these days (I’m leaning towards champagne and taupe these days) so I’m considering giving this one to someone else. The colours did not feel buttery being slightly dry and hard consistency, but the payoff seemed to be alright. Nothing spectacular. Might be good for someone who tends to be heavy-handed and apply too much eyeshadow otherwise.

Palmer’s Flip Balm (haha @ the clever name) in Creamy Coconut is very, I mean VERY coconut – but rather natural, not synthetic. If you like coconut, head over to any drugstore right now. I’m not a massive fan of the coconut smell in general, but one can never have too many lip balms so it will be used up. The flip packaging is cool and solid and the balm is ball-shaped. I’ve always used traditional stick shapes so I do wonder if it’ll smear all over my face when half way through the ball? Anyone had any experience with these? The balm almost melts when in contact with the skin so you’ll get a good layer on the lips without any stickiness. I’m not completely sure it moisturises very deep, I feel as if it only keeps the topmost layers of skin happy while sitting there, but my lips often need to get used to the new formula so it might be just fine in the end.

Courrèges Hyperbole is a bold, very feminine and sweet smell. It’s a sophisticated sweet, not a candy floss but a mix of sweet aromatic spices. I don’t usually wear oriental fragrances, but this one does work for me and I’ve pulled off my grown-up, wise woman face well with this one. The tester is very generous and may last a while.