Clearly, I go through approximately one nice, healthy tube of foot cream per quarter, without being too adventurous about it. This post is about the foot care essentials that have been finished lately.

Champneys Barefoot Beauty Restoring Foot Butter was a brilliant alternative during the hot warm British summer when CCS Foot Care Cream was just too much. The latter would still be my first choice if you’re lucky enough to wander around on hot sand, salty seas or grass stubbles barefoot and need to make peace with feet later in the evening, but if you’re about your usual home-work-gym city routine then Champneys is the one to pick up.

Although called butter, it is actually a medium thickness lcream (CCS is thicker) that spreads well and has an uplifting mint smell. Mint is probably also to be blamed for the refreshingly cooling sensation that follows. The cream absorbs nicely, moisturises well and does not leave much greasiness, but as always – you might want to use the tiniest amount if wearing shoes shortly after, or better yet, pamper your feet in the evening before going to bed to avoid sliding around in your shoes and getting blisters.

I do prefer Champneys’ mint over the non-offensive light medical smell of CCS – it just feels more luxurious and girly. Like a spa, if I may point out the obvious brand positioning. And when the summer comes, I might pick this lovely green tube up again spending £8 for 125 ml.

OPI Acetone Free Nail Polish Remover is another essential that probably does not excite anyone much, but it does deserve a mention since it works wonders removing even the stubborn glitter nail polish. I did fall out of love for it in the end due to the strong smell, which is funny because initially, it seemed so light and tolerable (maybe my previous removers were THAT bad?). I’ve also since found pots with soaked foam that require almost no rubbing whatsoever compared to cotton pads so not going to repurchase this remover anymore. But you can, for approximately £7 (120 ml).