As you might have noticed from the previous post, many niche beauty products I have got originate from My Little Box – it’s yet another beauty subscription box, but I have completely fallen in love with it. It is not as much of a beauty as a lifestyle box featuring both cosmetics and everything else from rings and bracelets to coffee stencil and Kusmi tea. Yeap, I love it!

October box post seems like well overdue, but I only got it in December since I forgot about it and noticed I hadn’t received it in late November. So it was re-sent from their HQ (love their customer service as well!). October issue was called the Brooklyn box and among the beauty goodies, which I will talk about in more detail below, highlights were the coffee (or chocolate/cinnamon/icing sugar) stencil mentioned earlier and a cute little coffee mug. I have a feeling there was something else in there, but my mind is blank. Sorry! 🙂

Now to beauty. Usually, I find 3-4 beauty products in the box and this month was no different.

My Little Beauty Save My Nails nail treatment is great. I’m using it alongside my daughter rather religiously and between the two of us, we have gone through half a bottle by now. Both are growing nails like never before. What I like about this treatment is that it absorbs well and leaves no oily residue so you can carry on with your life after using it. Cannot say how well it works as a separate treatment as I am using three other products in parallel (my nails are this bad), but all together have worked absolute wonders. I haven’t completely solved the formula for strong nails, but I’m well on the way and so-so happy about it! I’d only pick on pearls (jojoba?) – there are not many so you only get an odd pearl or so on one nail per session, which kinda renders them pointless. But otherwise, lovely treatment! Save My Nails (or Soin Des Ongles as apparently, everything sounds better in French) retails for €9 on their website.

Givenchy Noir Couture Volume mini mascara in 1 Black Taffeta is a perfect size to carry in my ‘ohmygod I’m late to work!’ makeup bag. Yes, I am one of those girls who does makeup on the bus/train/rarely-on-the-tube-because-Nothern-line-at-peak-is-hell. This is actually already second of the exact same mascara, the previous one I got in an earlier box. I appreciate the shape of the wand because it extends the outer corner lashes without me smudging the mascara all over my lids. Smaller for the inner corner, bigger for the outer – just the way every mascara should be, don’t you think? As with many mascaras before, I was not fond of the formula initially – it was very wet and that means my lashes stick together creating very well-fed spider’s legs. But after the mascara ‘matured’ a bit, it is now drier and I like it so much more. So while I work my way through the previous one, the mascara from this box will go through the same ‘maturing’ process (this is, essentially sitting in the drawer for six months). The mascara is not completely smudge-proof, I do need to check the mirror by the end of the day to wipe off any transfer, but considering it is not waterproof, I cannot hold it against them. Full size is £25-ish.

Terry Crayon Khol Terrybly in 15 Gold Ornament is very soft and smudgeable (is this a word? Aah, yes, Grammarly approves so all good) and I love the colour, very festive! I haven’t yet had a chance to put it through a proper full-day test, but it does look like it may slide around on oily lids despite being advertised as waterproof. It’s just too soft to stay put, but I may prove wrong. I hope I prove wrong. If you want to try it out, it’s £24.