I was pleasantly surprised to find out that I had missed one day in my calendar, the 25th. For some unknown reason, I thought there are only 24 treats (maybe because last year there were). In this last, unexpected box, I found a fragrance.

Shay & Blue, apparently, is a boutique perfumery established in London 2012. Or at least that is what’s written on the box. Google also told me that Atropa Belladonna was selected the Best New Niche Fragrance in 2012 by In Style Magazine. Now this is what I would call a success (or a great marketing) – to get acknowledged as soon as you start off.

Fragrance, of course, is a very personal thing. To give a bit of background – I am a sea breeze, citrus and green tea kind of girl; no overly sweet or powdery scent gets through to my vanity. At the moment I am sharing my love between Givenchy Jardin Précieux (for summer) and Annayake Pour Elle (winter and when I feel more sophisticated).

Now, Atropa Belladonna is not too excessively sweet or too powdery. But it is leaning towards the flowery sector and lacks the water element I prefer. It is a fragrance full of confidence, which is why I think it would be perfect for my mother. For some reason, it feels too mature for myself because in my mind’s eye I am still 13 going on 30. So off it goes back in the box, waiting for the new owner.