Final countdown for the calendar has started, and it has brought everyday essential as well as a miracle. Or so it promises. 🙂 

Studio 10 Miracle Effect priming serum is a multitasker aiming to fix the fine lines while preparing skin for makeup. I do wonder where would a moisturiser go in this context – or is the serum all you need in the morning? Is it enough? Let’s find out over the holiday break!

Burt’s Bees is a well-known brand and lip balm is another item I have in each room in my flat as well as in my carry-on makeup bag. All these essentials making up the weight are probably the reason behind my bags breaking way too soon. I’m serious – since March I have been through three Ted Baker shoulder straps (they’ve been so kind to replace it and give me another, and another, and another) and when I gave up on the shoulder bag, I am now on my second backpack, which already has a tear in its strap.