You might have noticed that I am well behind the actual dates with the calendar – these posts are all scheduled for my two-week detoxification from the laptop. I am leaving it behind and cutting myself off any behind-the-screen tasks to finally enjoy a bit of true relaxation. Only a couple more calendar posts left so please bear with me.

Percy & Reed Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Balm seems to be similar to their product from last year, the volumising no oil oil which I am just about to finish up. Meaning I am not completely sure about it because it feels more of a finishing product than a treatment. I’ll report back to you on this.

Formula Absolute Ultimate Sleep Night Cream belongs to M&S own product range and is somewhere between a night cream and an overnight mask (named cream but instruction gives an impression it’s a mask). Although, as Ruth so brilliantly put it somewhere in her blog – there’s really not much difference. Both go on in the evening and are wiped/washed off in the morning. Aah, and a special mention goes to M&S marketing team who have been really smart about introducing this new range – blog posts published in November have linked well with the tester, at least in my head. It’s that moment when you open the calendar and go like: “Aah, right, I saw this one in the blog earlier and it was good stuff!”.