Makeup is back on the agenda with a lip gloss from Rosie for Autograph, and a cult product for hair, also featured last year, the Elasticizer. At last, I can report back on initial thoughts because I have tried and tested both.

I had a chance to try out Elasticizer by Philip Kingsley last year after receiving quite the same size from the M&S Beauty Calendar 2015. I had mixed feelings about it – initially, it did not seem to work wonders, but over time I noticed softer and more manageable hair. It definitely hasn’t deserved a spot on my Holy Grail list, but I am more than happy to give it another chance. My hair seems to have changed over the last year (not for the better, unfortunately) so hoping it makes a difference.

Lip gloss by Rosie for Autograph is definitely ticking all the right boxes for me: stick form, non-sticky and non-drying, and an understated colour suitable for daily wear. I suspect it will be the next one up in my carry-on makeup bag after Stila Sugar Plum (which I love dearly) runs out. Once I get over the fear of posting close-ups of my face publicly (I don’t feel as photogenic as I would like to, especially comparing to all the gorgeous beauty bloggers out there), I might even treat you with a pic of how it looks on lips. Maybe. Perhaps. Sometime in the future. Don’t hold your breath, just in case…