I feel like I’m flying through the calendar adding items to inventory without really looking into them or having time to try them out. Apologies if you feel the same – I am introducing one new product at a time because my skin does not always like everything. Next up in my testing wait list – an eye cream and a facial oil.

Nuxe is an old acquaintance of mine – I have used several of their products before and have always been satisfied, although perhaps not blown away. Their Huile Prodigieuse face oil smells lovely and the bottle looks so cute! It is currently third in my face oil wait list, but might move forward rather quickly considering the first in the list is a tester and the second, by the looks of it, does not want to cooperate with my skin. Fingers crossed the same does not happen with this one!

Skyn Icelandic Relief Eye Cream will be another holiday tester for me. I’ve heard of this brand, but have not stumbled upon it on my shopping trips since M&S beauty department is off my usual route. It also came at a perfect time considering I am running out of daytime eye cream (the other cream currently in use is too rich to be used under makeup).