Now we’re talking! Liquid Gold is actually one of the reasons I decided to go with the M&S calendar since, you know, it’s le-gen-da-ry. A lovely surprise to get it out in the open this early – for some reason I expected it to be showing up closer to Christmas.

Alpha-H Liquid Gold is basically a water-thin sleep-in acid peel to help your skin renew itself overnight. There is not a sole in the beautysphere that has not heard of it, I am sure. Naturally, I was beyond excited and despite all those other peels in the cabinet looking at me with sad, sad eyes, I tried this one out as soon as I could. Thoughts after the first use – no tingling, no redness or irritation, and indeed – pores looked smaller and skin generally more even the next day. With the oil production capability of my skin, the shine was evident in the morning, but that’s a given for me. Looking forward to the changes brought with regular use!

Ultrasun Face Anti-Ageing Formula Sun Protection SPF 30 is another product I am looking forward to trying. Just waiting for the actual sun to show up (London weather, eh?). It’s only lately I have even considered an SPF (I’m sorry, please don’t hang me…) because, honestly, I am terrified of a thought of putting another layer of oil-inducing product on my face. It’s bad enough that even mattifying foundations on primer last only until noon, I really don’t want to start blotting already before I’m done commuting. So I’ve waited for the beauty industry revolution in the form of a non-greasy sunscreen, which might just as well be this one. Or so I hope.

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