Here are the next two goodies from the calendar – a repeat act from last year and a makeup product. Not extremely exciting, but who am I to say no to a well-regarded wrinkle cream? 

I got to know Filorga Time-Filler wrinkle correction cream from last year’s calendar and it was a decent one, although not massively impressive. Now that I’ve collected a few more wrinkles over the year, maybe the results achieved would be more visible. Happy to give it another try, but not expecting a massive difference just yet (maybe a few more years/wrinkles needed). Although, as the saying goes – the secret behind exceeding expectations is to start with none.

Pixi Brow Tamer is an interesting item, but admittedly I have never gotten into using brow fixing stuff. My brows seem to be civilised enough, not prone to running away or misbehaving so I rarely use anything else besides a bit of pencil or brow powder. I wonder if the tamer could be used as transparent mascara? Now that’s something I might actually use when anticipating rainy weather or a pool party.