Looks like I have a thing for Inglot (or impulse buying) – every time I pass their store, I end up buying something. This time I gave their eye shadow a second chance and got a new set of blotting papers to save my makeup during the office hours.I was still looking for a natural looking champagne colour and eye shadow number 395 caught my attention. Really happy to report that this time the product does deliver. The difference in texture between the two shadows is surprisingly big. Where 467 is hard and does not transfer to the lid at all, 395 is soft and buttery with great colour payoff. It is so buttery, as a matter of fact, that a heavy hand gives a bit of a cakey result so watch out and don’t overdue it like I did at first.

Blotting papers are my lifesavers. After passing the 30 year mark, my skin decided to make a complete turnaround and went from dry-ish combination to the oiliest of the oilies. This messed up all my routines and it took me a few years to find a new set of beauty products to work with. I still haven’t found a foundation that would not get oily in an hour, or not look dead-matte initially (and then go oily again), or would give a nice sheer cover with healthy glow (I do not really need full cover, just a bit of evening out) so blotting papers are the only way to go, really.

Previous papers were from Boots and boy will I rant about it once I manage to finish them and report here. No, sorry, I’ll start the rant already now – who on earth thought it’s a good idea to cover blotting papers with white powder so that using them makes you look like you’ve been sniffing some illegal substance. Why, why, why?!

Anyways, Inglot papers are more to my liking having no white stuff on them and absorbing oil in an efficient manner. Thumbs up!

Ah, almost forgot – also pictured is Inglot Freedom System quadruplet case (this needs to be bought separately) that holds either 4 eye shadows or 2 shadows and 1 blush. Since I only have 2 shadows, I am very much intrigued to try their blushes.