Here’s the rest of the beauty cabinet fill-up from last week – bits and pieces for me and my pre-teen daughter (yes, I’m THAT old). 

Starting from the right, my ultimate beauty staple – L’Oreal Absolute Make-up Remover. I’ve gone through dozens because it never fails to remove all makeup, waterproof included, with no effort. Despite occasionally having been sidetracked, I always return to this one. It is hands down the best makeup remover I’ve ever used since I was a teenager myself.

It was really exciting to see Sensationail Gel Strengthener and Gel Color at Boots so I decided to give them a try because buying gels online is frustrating (all the wait and then the colour is probably turning out other than expected). The idea of vitamins in a base coat to care for your nails while wearing gel is just brilliant – but unfortunately, it does not deliver. I’ve never lost three nails in less than a week before and have now returned to my usual base coat, topping it with the strengthener. Because it actually is a very good ridge filler and leaves nice even finish. Fingers crossed it works this way!

Sensationail Gel Color in Scarlet Red (rouge écarlate if you want to go all fancy and French with it) on the other hand is just gorgeous! Strike-free, completely opaque finish with just one coat and the most beautiful true red colour. I’m definitely going to look into their colour gels more.

Nail Apothecary Elegant Touch Nail Armour was bought to try to get my daughter off very loud nail polishes while she’s attending school. For some reason, bright purple just seems a bit inappropriate for a 9-yo. Happy to report that she has been using it religiously, and I will report back on the armouring bit.

A couple of accessories as well, Invisibobble I have used before and liked it, although with my thick and heavy hair they tend to last less than usual hairbands. And toe separator I’ve chased for over a year because it seemed to always be sold out or not sold, period. I’m so over rolling paper towels between my toes to put the polish on.