Today is a sad, sad day. I’ve just discovered that The Body Shop have discontinued my all-time favourite hand cream, Wild Rose Nourishing Hand Butter. Oh, the despair, made worse by the fact that Black Friday sale is on and my previous pot just got used up.

This post serves as a double-debit, really – the empties picture is from June which makes one pot last just about half a year-ish. Not too bad for a hand cream of my dreams. Non-greasy, softening and nourishing, never leaving my hands feeling dry or uncomfortable and itchy. I should know, I have been through many creams having a pot or tube in almost every room at home, plus in a handbag for out-of-home needs. Honestly speaking, I did not like the smell of this one much at first (rose is not my thing), but I got attached to it after going through several pots.

So now that it’s gone, any suggestions on similar brilliant deeply hydrating hand cream?