I really, really love the idea of an advent calendar that serves not only chocolate but every other possible treat. Toys – sure, tea – why not, gin – brilliant! Beauty products – how could I resist… Last year, after a thorough online research (noticing a pattern here…?), I decided that that M&S beauty calendar was the right choice for me being the best value for money.

This year, although the money part of the sentence is not as accurate anymore, it still looked like a great option, mainly because I have no special relation to any brand on the market to an extent that I would like to buy 24 products (or 12, or anything above 10 really) from its range. M&S mixes brands up introducing some very highly regarded beauty products alongside less known ones making it more about the exploration as opposed to stocking up.

I found many favourites from last year that led to new, worthwhile discoveries. High hopes for this year. Cannot wait for the 1st of December to open it up!