It’s been a busy week for my beauty cabinet with several new arrivals – some old, some experimental and some I’ve never even thought of trying.

REN Flash Rinse 1 Minute Facial was on my shopping list for almost a year now, after being introduced to it by the means of M&S 2015 Beauty Calendar (side note: loved the calendar, I truly did!). Sure, it does smell a bit of metal when mixed with water, but it does not bother me that much – I can easily handle some smell for a very nice, gentle yet effective polishing and brightening which only takes me – wait for it – yes, 1 minute. A must-have for mid-week pampering moments.

Inglot Freedom System Eye Shadow was a bit of an impulse buy. I am running out of my champagne-ish Art Deco eye shadow that I use in the inner corner or all over the lid if I’m feeling especially sophisticated and wanted a new one. I read hundreds of reviews in preparation, made a shortlist including Stila Kitten (apparently a legend), several MAC options etc – and then walked past Inglot while being bored, annoyed and in general need for some shopping therapy, and bought this. It’s number 467 and it’s disappointing. So off I go to get that Stila.

My Little Beauty Moonrise is a makeup remover jelly that belongs to the cleansing oil family. It comes out of the tube like a jelly (no surprise here), goes on like a massage oil and washes off like milk with a bit of warm water. Note to self – definitely should look into cleansing oils more. Right after I use up all the hot cloth polish stock and other washes piling up in my beauty cabinet. Anyways, this product came with My Little Box, a subscription box which I was drawn to mainly due to the cuteness factor. The products are actually not bad either. A lovely little monthly treat and I’m worth it, as the saying goes.

It was such a busy week in the cabinet that I need to separate incoming report into several posts. And I do need to start posting all those empties I’ve gathered since June (gosh, 6 months – really?!) Until then – remember to take the umbrella tomorrow, Google said it’s going to rain!