Beauty Balance Sheet

My beauty cabinet inventory

My Little Christmas Box 2016

Earlier in December, another parcel arrived on my doorstep named My Little Christmas Box. It wasn’t as exciting beauty-wise, but it was full of cuteness.  Continue reading “My Little Christmas Box 2016”


Barefoot Beauty

Clearly, I go through approximately one nice, healthy tube of foot cream per quarter, without being too adventurous about it. This post is about the foot care essentials that have been finished lately. Continue reading “Barefoot Beauty”

My Little Brooklyn Box

As you might have noticed from the previous post, many niche beauty products I have got originate from My Little Box – it’s yet another beauty subscription box, but I have completely fallen in love with it. It is not as much of a beauty as a lifestyle box featuring both cosmetics and everything else from rings and bracelets to coffee stencil and Kusmi tea. Yeap, I love it! Continue reading “My Little Brooklyn Box”

2016 Empties Vol 2

I hope you have recovered from reading through part 1 of the 2016 Empties post and are now ready for more exciting stuff, face products! Another long post coming up so please do at least have a banana nearby to get you through this. 😉 Continue reading “2016 Empties Vol 2”

2016 Empties Vol 1

I’m baaaack! 🙂 After a small break, an annoying virus, way too long hours at work and life getting in the way in general, I’ve decided to wrap up 2016 with two mammoth posts. First up – Hair, Body and Essentials Empties. Continue reading “2016 Empties Vol 1”

Calendar Day 25

I was pleasantly surprised to find out that I had missed one day in my calendar, the 25th. For some unknown reason, I thought there are only 24 treats (maybe because last year there were). In this last, unexpected box, I found a fragrance. Continue reading “Calendar Day 25”

Calendar Day 23 & 24

Here we are, back from the holiday and ready to report the final three of the calendar. The runner-ups are a nail file and a primer. Continue reading “Calendar Day 23 & 24”

Calendar Day 21 & 22

Final countdown for the calendar has started, and it has brought everyday essential as well as a miracle. Or so it promises. 🙂  Continue reading “Calendar Day 21 & 22”

Calendar Day 19 & 20

You might have noticed that I am well behind the actual dates with the calendar – these posts are all scheduled for my two-week detoxification from the laptop. I am leaving it behind and cutting myself off any behind-the-screen tasks to finally enjoy a bit of true relaxation. Only a couple more calendar posts left so please bear with me. Continue reading “Calendar Day 19 & 20”

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